DJ Sessions: From Cult-Classic Gospel To Garage Rock With A 'Punk Edge'

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Chicago-based singer and songwriter Jamila Woods. Her debut album is HEAVN. (Courtesy Reginald Eldridge Jr. via Facebook)

In this week’s edition of the Here & Now DJ Sessions, KCRW’s Travis Holcombe tells Here & Now‘s Jeremy Hobson about the new music he’s listening to.

His list of tracks includes a new recording of a gospel song that became a cult classic among DJs in the ’80s and ’90s, and a group that he describes as “’60s garage rock with a grimy ’70s punk edge.”

Note: We have a Spotify playlist and an Apple Music playlist for our weekly DJ Sessions.

Music From the Segment

The Joubert Singers, “Stand on the Word”


The Mystery Lights, “Follow Me Home”


Jamila Woods, “Heavn”


S U R V I V E, “AHB”


Kllo, “Bolide”



Travis Holcombe, DJ at KCRW in Los Angeles. He tweets @TravisHolcombe.

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