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Diving into the WNYC Audio Archives

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Over the past 90 years, WNYC has had the honor of hosting some of the world's most prominent figures on our airwaves. From Robert Frost to Miles Davis and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to Winston Churchill and Alice Monro -- we have learned about the world alongside our listeners during these poignant interviews. 

Take a listen to some of the most compelling guests and audio pieces that have graced the on-air broadcasts at WNYC. Let us know what your favorite memories are in the comments section.



WNYC reflects on 9/11

In this audio clip, hear a montage of WNYC's 9/11 coverage as the events unfolded, including interviews and reports in the following days. More information >>

Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon on music

In this audio clip, Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon join David Garland for an interview and DJ set on Spinning On Air. Throughout the course of the program, Yoko and Sean tell many interesting stories and speak intimately about the playlist they have assembled. And Sean reacts to a John Lennon recording he's hearing for the first time. More information >>

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the Vietnam War

In this audio clip, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. calls the Vietnam war a war on us too. He speaks of the importance of the rights of conscience and announces a planned protest for February 5-6, 1968. More information >>

David Letterman on comedy

In this audio clip, David Letterman speaks with Alec Baldwin on Here's The Thing about his early days as a comedian. In just three years, he found himself appearing on The Tonight Show. More information >>

Robert Frost on materialism

In this audio clip, the great American Poet Robert Frost is heard on WNYC in 1958 lamenting the growing problem of materialism in America. More information >>

Meryl Streep on acting

In this audio clip, Meryl Streep talks with Leonard Lopate about her acting process and long career, and why she loves playing difficult roles. More information >>

Winston Churchill on World War II

In this audio clip, Prime Minister Winston Churchill makes a statement at New York City Hall after the conclusion World War II. More information >>