Dire First Coverage Estimates For Republican Health Care Plan

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Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, accompanied by Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, left, speaks outside the West Wing of the White House in Washington. (Andrew Harnik/AP)

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office says Republican plans will drive millions out of health insurance. We’ll dive in.

President Trump promised a “thing of beauty” in Republicans’ health care replacement for the Affordable Care Act – Obamacare. Yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office laid out its assessment: not so pretty.  Many millions more Americans would be without health insurance. Do Republicans have the votes to pass it anyway? This hour On Point: Republican health care plans and you. Plus, we’ll look at the Trump administration’s failure to produce evidence for the president’s claim that Trump Tower was tapped. – Tom Ashbrook


Julie Rovner, chief Washington correspondent for Kaiser Health News. (@jrovner)

Rachael Bade, congressional and House Leadership correspondent for POLITICO. (@rachaelmbade)

From Tom’s Reading List

Kaiser Health News: Deciphering CBO’s Estimates On The GOP Health Bill — “The federal budget experts estimate that people will lose insurance and that the drop will kick in quickly. In 2018, they say 14 million more people would join the ranks of the uninsured. It would reach the 24 million by 2026, when ‘an estimated 52 million people would be uninsured, compared with 28 million who would lack insurance that year under current law.'”

Vox: CBO estimates 24 million lose coverage under GOP plan. The devastating report, explained. — “CBO projects that the Republican plan would cause 24 million Americans to lose coverage by 2026. This is a much bigger drop in coverage than experts had expected. Republican legislators will now be forced to answer questions about why tens of millions of Americans will lose coverage and how those people will fare under the new system.”

POLITICO: GOP scrambles after scorching health bill appraisal — “House Republican leaders plunged into damage control mode Monday after a brutal budgetary assessment of their Obamacare replacement threatened to upend Senate GOP support and armed their critics on the left.”

Read The CBO’s Scoring Of The American Health Care Act Here

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