Digital Waves Festival Live Chats

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On Friday night at the 2013 Digital Waves Festival Newshive, participants will join three simultaneous online live chats to discuss issues they're interested in reporting on with seasoned, youth radio producers.

Feel free to bounce between the three chats or stick with the one that most interests you. You can log in at the bottom of each chat using your Facebook or Twitter account.

Live Chat #1: Juvenile Justice

Log in to talk to Sayre Quevedo, who reported a series of stories on juvenile justice-related issues as part of Youth Radio in Oakland, California. 

Live Chat #2: Teen Health

Join in the conversation here with Bree Person, who's reported on her personal struggle with sickle cell for Radio Rookies. 

Live Chat #3: Civic Engagement

Take part in this live chat, hosted by Veralyn Williams, she's a multimedia journalist and community organizer that got her start reporting for Radio Rookies.