A Different Kind of Senate Candidate: One That Only Wants Your Money

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Gil Fulbright: The Honest Politician
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This week, The Takeaway is looking at how the deck is set for this year's battle for the U.S. Senate. It's a game of Senate Hold 'Em and Fold 'Em—we'll look at the Republicans' chances of taking the Senate, and the Democratic fight to hang on.

In Kentucky, a different kind of political candidate will launch his campaign for the Senate next week. His name is Gil Fulbright, and he offers something no other candidate in the race can: Complete and utter honesty.

“Listening to my constituents, legislating, these are things I don't do," says Fulbright in his campaign ad. "What I do is spend about 70 percent of my time raising funds for re-election. I'd do anything to stay in office. My name's Gil Fulbright but hell. I'll change my name to Phil Gulbright or Bill Fullbright or Phillip Mamouf-Wifarts.”

He may have is very own campaign bus, but Gil won’t be featured on the ballot come November, and he’s not even a real person. He’s a satirical character, a product of the bi-partisan organization Represent.Us, designed to highlight the corrupting influence of big money in politics.

And in fact, the Kentucky Senate race is on track to be the most expensive Senate contest ever.

Josh Silver is the Director of Represent.Us and a veteran election and media reform advocate. He explains why the group came up with candidate Gil Fulbright, and how it might impact the real Kentucky Senate race.

Watch Gil's campaign video below.