Desert Songs


Just how much music gets made in the desert, in Asia, Africa, Australian, and here in North America?  This New Sounds program sets about to answer that question, but only skims the surface.  Hear both an aboriginal and Euro-centric view of the Australian Outback, along with music from the great deserts of Asia and Africa.  Listen to music from both the eastern and western Sahara; from the Niger-based Tuareg group Etran Finatawa as well as music from Sudanese folk singer and bandleader Abdel Gadir Salim.  Also, hear music from the Khoi San people of the Kalahari Desert.

Then, from the Taklamakan Desert in northwest China, listen the overtone singing-meets-country music Uyghur group Qetiq. Also, from the Indian desert state of Rajasthan, (thought to be the original home of the gypsy, or Roma people), listen to the music by the Jaipur Kawa Brass Band.  Plus, American composer Peter Garland’s work inspired by the peyote chants of the American southwest, "Walk In Beauty," and more.


PROGRAM #3520– Desert Songs (First aired on 10/10/2013)             





Etran Finatawa

Introducing Etran Finatawa

Allis [5:49]


Abdel Gadir Salim & Emmanuel Jal

Rough Guide To Acoustic Africa

Lemon Bara [5:02]

Rough Guide RGNET1297

Qwii Music Arts' Trust Khoi San Music

Pulse: A STOMP Odyssey

Xlao Tshao [1:28]

Six Degrees #675036-1084


Rock from Taklamakan Desert

Qizdar [3:28]

Eastern Voices 21077



Buura [3:36]

Jaipur Kawa Brass Band

Dance of the Cobra

Dil Ka Chor Mera Jab Aayega [4:38]

Riverboat TUG 1073

David Hudson


David Hudson [6:48]

Black Sun 15033

Andrew Byrne

White Bone Country

Desert Terrain: for processed piano and percussion [4:00]
Desert Life: for piano and gongs [2:38]
Desert Weather: for piano and crotales and glockenspiel [3:16]

New World 80696

Aki Takahashi

Walk in Beauty

Peter Garland: Walk in Beauty [3:44]

New Albion #052
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