Denver vs. Seattle: The Super (Culture and Data) Bowl

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The Denver and Seattle skylines.

A call-in segment for local residents who hail from Denver or Seattle, tell us why your city is better - from food to culture to..sure, football. Call 212-433-9692 or post below...

Be The Coolest Person at Your Super Bowl Party With These Census Stats

  • Total population: 634,265 for Denver, 634,541 in Seattle. That’s only a difference of 276 people!
  • They Are Both Young: Both cities have median age of about 35. National average is 37.4.
  • Unemployment: Both cities have unemployment rates below the national unemployment rate (as of 2012). 7.2% for Denver, 6.0% for Seattle. 
  • Smallish Households: Average household size is about the same – 2.3 per household in Denver, and 2.1 in Seattle, both below the national average. Though if you’re in Denver, you should buy a little extra guacamole for that 2/10ths of a person… 
  • A Booming Latino Population in Denver: One of the biggest differences has to do with immigrant groups. Denver has a Latino population of 35%, compared to just 7.3% in Seattle.  
  • Seattle Is Highly Educated: Another area of difference. Seattle has one of the highest rates of education in the country. 93% of Seattle residents have a high school diploma, Denver is at 86%, which is about the national average. And 57% of Seattle has a college degree, almost 30 points higher than the national average.

A Denver vs. Seattle Census Data Set

Data via our friends at Social Explorer. Check out the data set in a new sheet here.