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Democratic Christie Supporter Charged with Misuse of Funds

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One of New Jersey's most powerful Democrats is being charged with misuse of funds. 

The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission is accusing Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo of misusing campaign funds and failing to disclose campaign spending over a two-year period. DiVincenzo is a crucial ally of Republican Gov. Chris Christie.

Matt Friedman is covering the story for the Newark Star-Ledger. As he explains, these are civil charges, not criminal charges — and DiVincenzo is defending himself.

"Joe DiVincenzo says he's a 24/7 county executive, so if he goes to a Devils game, that's part of the job...if he goes to Puerto Rico, it's for a political retreat," Friedman said. "We don't know, however, who he's eating with. He doesn't have to disclose that, and he doesn't disclose it."

To hear Host Amy Eddings' full conversation with DiVincenzo, click on the audio above.