Dec. 3: Fair-Haired Dumbbell, Explode Into Colors, Oregon Symphony Goes Animated & More

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What we noticed this week: people throwing off convention to remake a city, reinterpret symphonic music, inspire a new wave of activism, or just bang out a new beat. Take a break from holiday hurly-burly to hear all the latest. You (and You and You) Can Own a Slice of This Building - 1:10 In the middle of one of Portland’s biggest real estate booms, one building stands out. It’s called the Fair-Haired Dumbbell, but it’s not just the name and psychedelic design that make it unique. It's also the first commercial building in Oregon and perhaps the first in the nation to raise money via online crowdfunding, and for as little as $3,000, you can own a piece of it. The Oregon Symphony Gets Animated - 8:39 As the second in its collaborative SightSound trilogy, the Oregon Symphony invited animator Rose Bond to create visuals to accompany Messiaen's epic symphony "Turangalîla" from Dec. 3-5. Think "Fantasia," but live and in person as four projectors bring the walls of the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall to life in a symphony you can see as well as hear. opbmusic Session with Explode Into Colors - 17:31 The reunion of Explode Into Colors for two epic live shows this fall had Portland music fans in ecstasy. This trio played some of the most ambitious jams around. The three of them stopped making music together a couple of years ago, but in October they got back together for benefit shows on behalf of all-ages music venues, including Portland’s Friends of Noise. Adrienne Truscott: What's So Funny About Rape Jokes? - 28:48 There’s an ongoing debate in the comedy world about rape jokes. Are they acceptable provocation or, as Donald Trump might argue, harmless locker room talk? Or are they beyond the pale? One thing both sides can likely agree upon is that, with a few exceptions, they tend to be the kind of jokes that only male comedians tell. That is, until Adrienne Truscott. Truscott is a veteran of the international cabaret scene, but last year, she came through town with her first stab at a stand-up comedy show about rape jokes, and it was as smart and funny as it was unsettling. She's back, thanks to Boom Arts, with a second run of "Adrienne Truscott's Asking For It," Dec. 8–11. Jamila Clarke and Wolff Gallery - 38:33 Wolff Gallery is a new spot on NW Glisan Street showing works from traditionally underrepresented artists. They currently have an evocative narrative photography exhibition by Jamila Clarke on display. Printing Trees with Bend's Pat Clark - 46:05 Pat Clark is an artist and the founder of the print-making haven Atelier 6000. All kinds of work gets made there, but, being in Bend, it’s one place that originates interesting images of the natural world. Clark’s work is no exception. Some of her prints and drawings are in the show “Inspired By Trees” now on view at the World Forestry Center in Portland.