As Presidential Debate Comes to Campus, Hofstra Students Weigh in on Election

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Hofstra University students Sophia Papadopoulos, Garrett Shum and Sabrina Singh, outside the university's New Academic Building.

For many, this election is like no other they have seen before. But for most college students, this is their first chance to cast a ballot in a presidential election. 

To understand how young people feel about voting in such an unusual election, WNYC's Arun Venugopal sat down with three members of Hofstra's speech-and-debate team.

Sophia Papadopoulos is a sophomore marketing major from Queens who is leaning toward voting for Donald Trump. Garrett Shum, of York, Pa., is a junior studying linguistics and rhetorical studies. He says he plans to vote for Hillary Clinton. And Garden City native Sabrina Singh is a senior majoring community health, philosophy and rhetoric. She also supports Clinton.