As Deadline Looms, Can Obama Get Young People to Enroll in the ACA?

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In 1992, then-candidate Bill Clinton went on the Arsenio Hall Show to play his saxophone, and the young crowd went wild.

Now in 2014, President Barack Obama marked another milestone in the bully pulpit's quest to the get the attention of young people when he appeared this week on comedian Zach Galifinakas's web show, "Between Two Ferns," in a last ditch effort to get young people to sign up for the Affordable Care Act.

While Clinton was trying to be cool, President Obama needs to get young people to act—young people have voted for Obama in far greater numbers than they voted for Bill Clinton, but now they need to spend money to sign up for health insurance in the next two weeks as the ACA enrollment deadline creeps closer.

Mary Agnes Carey, senior correspondent for Kaiser Health News, joins The Takeaway to lay out the numbers. Also joining the program is Josh Carpenter, co-founder of Bama Covered, which employs volunteer college students to encourage ACA enrollment in the state of Alabama.