Days to go, voters explain their White House hopes

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JUDY WOODRUFF: Even before this FBI news broke last Friday, I wanted to go out on the campaign trail myself on this next-to-the-last weekend before Election Day to see both candidates up close, and talk directly to voters.

I headed first to a Clinton event in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Twenty-four hours after FBI Director Comey’s letter jolted the race for president, these Florida voters waiting to see Hillary Clinton said they were not deterred by the news.

It doesn’t bother you?

LISA PEREZ, Hillary Clinton Supporter: No, she has nothing to hide. If she had, she — no, she doesn’t. Do you want Trump as our president? Really? I mean, think about it. You got to weigh the pros and the cons.

JUDY WOODRUFF: In fact, Lisa Perez and her friend Barbara Ballach sounded protective of Clinton.

BARBARA BALLACH, Hillary Clinton Supporter: She has nothing to hide. As soon as it gets exposed, people can put it to rest. I’m not worried about her e-mails. I’m more worried about the issues.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Like what? For example, what? What issues?

BARBARA BALLACH: Our economy. I feel real strong about immigration, and what Trump is threatening to do.

He’s going to build a wall. He’s going to ship people home and break up families. He’s going to shame the Statue of Liberty.

LISA PEREZ: Right. He’s going to bring us down. He’s going to make this economy worse. He is going to divide us.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Charles Ferguson is a registered Republican.

Did you consider Donald Trump?

CHARLES FERGUSON, Hillary Clinton Supporter: Absolutely not. I think Donald Trump would be a disaster for this country. I really think that it would be absolute chaos, and it would be — he would be — he would make our country his piggy bank, and he’d be the chief pig.

JUDY WOODRUFF: When Clinton arrived to speak, she raised the FBI’s move.

HILLARY CLINTON (D), Presidential Nominee: It’s pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election.


JUDY WOODRUFF: But many who came to see her, like Marlo Duffy, ignored the e-mail matter altogether.

Who is this young person?

MARLO DUFFY, Hillary Clinton Supporter: This is Samuel. He’s six weeks old today.

JUDY WOODRUFF: And why are you and Samuel here?

MARLO DUFFY: Because I want to hear our future president speak. This is historical, the first woman president.

JUDY WOODRUFF: To make that happen, the campaign is counting on canvassers, supporters who knock on doors, make contact with voters who need a nudge to get to the polls.

HILLARY CLINTON: We just reached a milestone. More than 200 million Americans are registered to vote. And that includes 50 million young people.


JUDY WOODRUFF: Including the three Woody sisters.

KRISTEN WOODY, Hillary Clinton Supporter: There was no doubt in my mind who my first vote would be cast for. Hillary Clinton is well-qualified to serve our country, and she needs to be the president.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Did you even consider Mr. Trump?

LAUREN WOODY, Hillary Clinton Supporter: No, definitely not. He’s just ridiculous, and he doesn’t know how to run the country. He doesn’t even know what he is talking about at any point.

JUDY WOODRUFF: What do you think it would mean if he were elected president?

JENNIFER WOODY, Hillary Clinton Supporter: Oh, it would set us back years in progress as far as race relations and people getting along.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Their mother, Debra, and dad, Carlos, rounded out the picture.

DEBRA WOODY, Hillary Clinton Supporter: I feel that Hillary is going to be the answer for not only my girls, but all young women and our entire country.

CARLOS WOODY, Hillary Clinton Supporter: Mr. Trump is very volatile. I am a registered Republican. And I will not vote for him. You have a Satan who was a Republican.

JUDY WOODRUFF: did you mean to compare Donald Trump to Satan?

CARLOS WOODY: I think, when you look at it, he is a cold, callous individual, and I don’t think he has a conscience. I really don’t. So, the comparison is what it is.

JUDY WOODRUFF: From Daytona Beach, it was on to Las Vegas, where we found Donald Trump newly energized by FBI director’s letter to Congress.

DONALD TRUMP (R), Presidential Nominee: Hillary has nobody but herself to blame for her mounting legal problems.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Trump’s accusations play directly into the dark image of Clinton that animates so many of his supporters.

Where are you from?

CRYSTAL HOWARD, Donald Trump Supporter: Chicago, Illinois.

JUDY WOODRUFF: And you came all the way to Las Vegas. Why?

CRYSTAL HOWARD: Absolutely, because I don’t want a liar in the office.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Crystal Howard was especially excited because the first time she came to see a Trump rally, it was so crowded, she couldn’t get in.

What do you think he will do as president?

CRYSTAL HOWARD: I hope that he secures our borders and hopefully takes care of our economy.

JUDY WOODRUFF: What needs to change about the economy?

CRYSTAL HOWARD: We need more jobs. We more production. We need our jobs to quit leaving America. We need our children to have jobs when they get out of college.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Several Trump fans told us they know he has flaws, but like him anyway.

RICHARD JARRETT, Donald Trump Supporter: I am supporting him mainly because he is the lesser of the two evils. They both have a lot of baggage.

JUDY WOODRUFF: A registered Democrat, Richard Jarrett was actually a delegate to the 1996 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

When you say baggage, what are you referring to?

RICHARD JARRETT: Well, I mean, the — he won’t release his tax returns. There’s questions about the women who came out against him. There’s other questions about how up and down he is, saying crazy stuff and conspiracies and so forth. But I think all of that is still better than what the Clinton crime family has to offer.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Rebecca Burr, another Democrat who supported Bernie Sanders in the Nevada caucuses, came wearing a prison uniform.

“U.S. Department of Justice inmate Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

REBECCA BURR, Donald Trump Supporter: I’m looking at the bigger picture here. I am looking for someone who doesn’t rig an election. I am looking for someone who doesn’t take money from foreign interests from overseas. And I am not saying Trump is perfect, but he is far better than Hillary Clinton any day.

JUDY WOODRUFF: What was your reaction when the story came out about Mr. Trump’s comments in 2005, the “Access Hollywood” tape?

REBECCA BURR: I thought was that that was something that Hillary knew all along. I know that she has a lot of tricks up her sleeves. And I wouldn’t be surprised if she has more dirt on him. But as far as, does it offend me as a woman? No.

DONALD TRUMP: As your president, I will go into the poorest communities and work on a national plan for revitalization. We will break decades of failure.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Failures that Arizonan James Barber says he knows firsthand.

JAMES BARBER, Donald Trump Supporter: I want him to go into the inner cities and fix them. It has not gotten better in the 50 years. So, hopefully, he will bring a much-needed change.

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