Day 11: How Many Bodybuilders Does It Take To Make A Movie?

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Contestants, brainiacs, smarty-pantses...this could be you.

This is the eleventh day of Ask Me Another's 12 Days of Xmas series.

Well, we made it, folks. With only one day left to go in our 12 Days of Xmas series, you've proven that even all that egg nog couldn't keep your sharp brains from answering trivia questions, enjoying embarrassing photographs, playing along with our puzzles and bobbing your head to one of Jonathan Coulton's 50 live songs over this winter holiday season.

How about a final trivia question for the road?

In the 1996 film "Jingle All The Way," Arnold Schwarzenegger fights to find his son a doll of what fictional superhero?

Head over to our Facebook page to submit your answer. We'll draw a winner, who will receive a copy of Jonathan Coulton's record Artificial Heart.

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