David Wildstein: “A Great Boss”

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 David Wildstein, the former director of interstate capital projects for the Port Authority who ordered the George Washington Bridge lane closures
From New Jersey Public Radio and

For the past two years Steve Kornacki has been the host of the weekend morning show Up with Steve Kornacki on MSNBC. But he got his start working for the political news site Politics NJ (now Politicker NJ) - - when it was run by David Wildstein.

The same David Wildstein who pleaded guilty to charges related to the lane closures at the George Washington Bridge.

According to Kornacki, Wildstein remained anonymous throughout his time there. Speaking with Christie Tracker Podcast host David Furst, Kornacki says he was convinced he was “working for a 75-year-old former statehouse reporter” because he had “never met anyone with the kind of institutional knowledge of NJ state politics and government that David Wildstein had.”

Also this week, WNYC’s Andrea Bernstein brings us an update on the “Chairman’s Flight” – the infamous United Airlines flight route that benefited former Port Authority Chair, David Samson. Andrea's latest report uncovered more evidence of a deal between United Airlines and the Port Authority.

Plus: Was it a vicious F-bomb-laced tirade against the local media? Or was it good old-fashioned comedy? Some say the governor crossed the line during his annual appearance at the New Jersey Legislative Correspondents Club Show. But Steve Kornacki and New Jersey Public Radio's Matt Katz defend the show as a fun, extremely silly event.


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