David Bowie’s Last Band

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David Bowie never stopped pushing himself creatively, and, in his last couple of years, he enlisted a group of unknown jazz musicians to shape the sound of what would be his final album, “Blackstar.” The New Yorker’s Sarah Larson met the musicians at the 55 Bar, the basement jazz club where Bowie found them, and talked with the saxophonist and bandleader Donny McCaslin about their collaboration with the late pop idol. McCaslin, with the drummer Mark Guiliana, the bassist Nate Wood, and Jason Lindner on keyboards, performed “No Eyes,” one of the songs they performed in front of Bowie that night.

Bonus track: The Donny McCaslin Group performs "No Eyes" from the album "Fast Future"

Bonus track: The Donny McCaslin Group performs "Fast Future" from the album "Fast Future"

Produced by Ave Carrillo