An Older Man From Beaumont, Texas, Goes To Battle With Ellen Degeneres’s Twitter Record

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Terry Shipman is an older, mustached man from Beaumont, Texas. He's on Twitter, and as of last night, he had under thirty followers and had tweeted four times. Most of those tweets were addressed to his son, and the fourth was a Dad joke about the selfie Ellen DeGeneres took with a handful of actors during the Oscars.

Ellen’s selfie became the most retweeted tweet in Twitter’s history, which was a little saddening because it was a stunt designed to advertise some cellphone. Shipman’s Dad joe said this:

At press time, about twelve hours later, Shipman has 44,924 retweets, which isn’t bad considering he tweeted it last night at 7, but still leaves him significantly behind Ellen’s tweet, which has 3,246,719 retweets. 

PS. I think that this story might be like a pop song that you're very tired of hearing by the end of today, or the end of this week, so enjoy it now while it's fresh and charming to your ears.

PSS. To answer the inevitable question that we have to ask about any charming piece of viral humanity: No, this doesn’t seem to be a hoax. Yahoo’s Jason Gilbert tracked down Terry Shipman’s son and interviewed him about the retweet heard round the world.