The Curious Case of the Missing Inauguration Bible

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During his swearing in ceremony Wednesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio took the oath of office on a bible owned by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, on loan from the FDR library in Hyde Park, NY. After the ceremony, reports are that the bible... went missing. De Blasio aides couldn't find it, and according to the New York Post dozens of police officers chipped in to help search from 2:30pm to 5pm.

We here at the Brian Lehrer Show think we have a little more information about what happened to the bible - before it was returned safely to the de Blasio camp. Local writer and comedian Alex Edelman, who was at the ceremony and wandered onto the stage after de Blasio's speech ("I thought that's where the food was"), tweeted some of the details.

On Monday's show, he told Brian Lehrer that he saw "an old man and a woman" holding de Blasio's gloves and bible. They told Edelman that they'd taken them from the podium and were waiting in line to return the inauguration ephemera to the new mayor -- similar to someone who catches a home run ball at a baseball game, and wants to return it to the player in person.


Edelman says he mentioned it to staffers on stage, and that when he got out of the photo line he "noticed there was a large crowd of people" around the couple, including "a very tall, relieved, blond woman," presumably a de Blasio staffer. As for reports that the NYPD is denying the bible even went missing in the first place, Alex Edelman says "it was definitely lost."

Asked by Brian if he feels like 2014's first big hero, that if it weren't for him the bible would still be missing, Edelman responded: "No, I think they would have handed it in. They wanted their moment with de Blasio."

And that concludes the curious case of the missing inauguration bible.

Some of Alex's tweets about the incident are below.

(thanks to Slade Sohmer for connecting Alex and BL Show producer Jody Avirgan)

(11am: Article updated with details from Alex Edelman's call)