Cuomo's Tax Commission Report Delayed

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo's commission to study tax cuts missed the deadline to report its findings by Dec. 6, after controversy over former Gov. George Pataki’s desire to cut income taxes for all wage earners, including the wealthy. 

Although the tax commission is now bogged down over co-chair and former Governor George Pataki's push to lower income tax rates, its original charge was to look at ways to lower New York's high property taxes and reduce business taxes.

The state's business council president Heather Briccetti, who's on the commission, says tax rates hinder economic growth.

"Obviously business taxes are very high, if you can do something to alleviate that burden...there's more opportunity for job creation," she said.

She says it's trickier, though, to regulate property tax rates, which are set and collected by local governments and school districts.