Cuomo's Job Performance Hits All time Low: Poll

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Andrew Cuomo’s approval rating is the lowest it’s been since he’s been Governor of New York, according to a Siena College poll released Monday.

The poll finds only 44% of voters like the job that Cuomo is doing as governor. Fifty-six percent say he’s doing a fair or poor job.

Siena’s Steve Greenberg says it’s the first time the governor’s approval rating has dipped below 50%.  

“His job performance, how voters think Andrew Cuomo is doing as governor, took a big hit this month,” Greenberg said.

Greenberg says Cuomo doesn’t have to be too worried though, about his 2014 run for re-election. When matched up against potential Republican opponents, he’s backed by nearly two thirds of the voters.

The governor also has nearly $30 million in his campaign war chest. So far, no potential opponent has raised any significant amount of money for the governor's race.