Cuomo Dodges Bridgegate Questions

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 - 06:53 PM

The George Washington Bridge (John Moore/Getty Images/Getty)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo engaged in his most extensive back and forth to date with reporters about the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal that has engulfed his counterpart in New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie.

Cuomo and Christie jointly run the entity that oversees the bridge, the Port Authority, but Cuomo has largely avoided discussing what he knew when about the controversy. On Wednesday, he mostly deflected questions from reporters, including whether he bears any responsibility for problems at the Port Authority. Cuomo replied simply "it's a bi-state agency."

WNYC's Andrea Bernstein said Cuomo has more of a stake in the Port Authority than he's letting on:

“From reporting that we've done at WNYC, that other news outlets have done, it's clear there were potential conflicts of interest all up and down through the Port Authority, questions about whether these public dollars were being used in the best way. That is the responsibility of the New York governor and people are beginning to wonder 'what was he doing?'”


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nice shot of the epi center of the greater n.y.c. infrastructural toilet bowl but but NOW your stupid state which has not even built a major monumental bridge since ??? when i asked the syncophant at the WHOREHOUSE IN MORNINGSIDE HTS. NEED a hint? go back yes back to THE FIRST WORK\LD TOUR OF THE BEATLES AT SHEA STADIUM.THE WHOREHOUSE IN MORNINGSIDE HTS. DID A POST MORTEM ON MOSES IN 2007 but how things have changed for SODOM since that atrocious hiddeous blasphemous STORM MY mother had a spoiled stink,in flea bitten poodle named SANDY LOOK the stupid state of n.y. would rather build a jail in SULLIVAN county elect a CUOMO bingo its DONE and don,t u stooges feel safer anyway with another EXPANSION OF THE PENAL SYSTEM no this is what CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE AND DERELICTION OF DUTY THIS IS THE BITTER FRUIT THIS IS THE INFRA RED REALITY IN YOUR LOSERS PARADISE. THANK THE GERIATRIC WEASEL robert caro he thot bridge building a waste of tax payer revenues really REALLY no wonder n.y. c metro area is the infrastructural toilet bowl of america no wonder the COFFERS of your stupid state are empty the PUSSILLAMINOUS PIPSQUEAKS of the NASSAU county planning commission REBUFFED robert moses great daring wealth producing JOB CREATING trans generational epocal plans for the RYE OYSTER BAY BRIDGE IN that FATEFUL YR. 1971 and SUCCUMBED FOR THE SIREN SONGS of the POST MENUPASUAL SLUT WHO HATED HATED CARS jane jacobs and the GERIATRIC WEASEL caro who still lives in SODOM ON 95 TH street and works part time for the NOXIOUS N.Y. TIMES a paper i reserve for the PARAKEET CAGE.LOOK U R NO LONGER THE empire for tha tEUPHEMISM U WOULD have to travel back way on back TO ROCKY,S TIME IN ALBANY but now your stupid state has turned into a garbage barge remember 1987 and that atrocious stink,in NOTORIOUS BLASPHEMOUS BARGE docked in GRAVES END BAY BROOKLYN THAT PICTURE should be SUPERIMPOSED ON every lisence plate in your stupid state certainly the most appropriate iconic representation of what the NIGGARDLY N.Y. APPROACH TO CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURAL UP GRADES THE UNBUILT BRIDGES OF YOUR STUPID STATE which have DECIMATED TOURISM IN N.Y.S. AND NEW ENG.THINK OF IT THE BIGGEST CA$H COW OF THEM ALL $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ TOURISM and your stupid state allows its infrastructure to go to rack and ruin and the DIRE FINANCIAL RESULTS YOUR STUPID STATE LOSES OUT $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ BIG TIME.TOURISM EVISERATED ABOMINATED EMASCULATED.

May. 14 2014 11:52 PM
Michael Browne

After seeing how our governor in New York operates, this report comes as no surprise. Andrew Cuomo has managed to bully our system of government for his single minded means. Take the number of people you think are pissed off by Governor Cuomo and multiply it by 100. The people of New York and the United States of America will take care of this sad dictator. As an educator and a gun enthusiast I can tell you he ate his seed corn with education law 3012-c and the Safe Act.

Mar. 03 2014 08:46 PM
Sara from Park Slope

finally all the hate happy democratic party attacks are dissolving to a more clear and sober view of how the current two party system is rigged against the regular people, chris and andy are two peas in a rotting pod

Feb. 13 2014 10:06 AM
Mark Shapp from Massachusetts

"...and people were beginning to wonder 'what was he [Cuomo] doing?' ". He was planning more ways to undermine mass transit , especially rail, in the NY metro region. And his efforts have come to full flower in the proposal to lower Verrazano-Narrows Bridge tolls for Staten Island residents rather than create new transit options, such as an expansion of SIRT, to unserved areas in the borough.

And for an encore he's proposing a vast expansion of bus rapid transit to operate across that monument he's building to himself, the new Tappan Zee Bridge. First he destroyed any chance of a trans-Hudson commuter rail line that would operate across the TZB and connect to Metro North's east-of-Hudson and west-of-Hudson lines. Now he wants BRT to fill the void even though those services will be caught up in the same congestion as motorists routinely are. Or maybe he'll then propose to his buddies at the NYStateDOT road gang, a widening of the highways selected for BRT routings. Of course, that will be cheaper than building the commuter rail east-west link, LOL. But even if that's more expensive, you can't put a price on the political gain Cuomo thinks he can get by building roads instead of building railroads.

Feb. 13 2014 09:06 AM

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