Cuomo Criticizes State Lawmakers for Fighting Subpoenas

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Governor Andrew Cuomo is critical of state lawmakers who are fighting subpoenas that would force legislators to reveal their outside business with legal clients.

An anti-corruption commission appointed by the governor known as the Moreland Act Commission subpoenaed state lawmakers who earn more than $20,000 a year from private law firms, asking to see their client lists. Governor Cuomo said state legislators who are fighting the subpoenas to turn over details of their work are acting like they're concealing something.

"Those that have nothing to hide disclosed," he said. "Those that don't have an issue."

Attorneys for the legislative leaders said the commission is overstepping its bounds and that the governor can't, under the state's constitution, investigate the legislature. But the Moreland Commission has said that some of the lawmakers are complying with subpoenas and already turning over the information. 

Cuomo said that makes a mockery of the legislative leaders' claims.