Cuomo: No Fed Rescue $ for LICH

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Governor Cuomo says several struggling Brooklyn hospitals will be receiving an infusion of federal healthcare funding – but Long Island College Hospital, or LICH, will not be one of them.

Cuomo on Friday outlined some of the ways the state will spend $8 billion dollars it's been lobbying for over the last year and a half. Cuomo says the top priority is helping hospitals change their mission, from providing expensive inpatient procedures to more cost-effective outpatient ones.

"What this grant enables us to do is, over five years, reduce the need for hospitalization by 25 percent," Cuomo said, on the Brian Lehrer Show.

Cuomo largely declined to discuss specific funding projects, and the details of the deal remain secret, while officials from Albany and Washington finalize their agreement.

However, Cuomo did name Interfaith, Brookdale and Wyckoff Heights hospitals as candidates for the federal assistance. But he said LICH would have nothing to do with the new money, because it is in the process of being sold off to healthcare and real estate developers.

The sale process is being challenged in court by a coalition of doctors, nurses and several local politicians. The two sides are expected to return to state court in Brooklyn next week. The plaintiffs want the State University of New York, which owns LICH, to re-open the bidding process. Currently four different entities have submitted bids.