How Austerity Measures, Budget Cuts Affect CUNY Students and Faculty

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City University of New York workers and students rallied outside Governor Andrew Cuomo's offices in New York City protesting the funding cuts and demanding better wages and fair tuition on 3/10/2016.

CUNY professors Barbara Bowen, Peter Carey and Kimiko Hahn join us to discuss their opposition to New York State's ongoing austerity measures which shrink funding for their senior colleges. Barbara Bowen, who also serves as president of the faculty and staff union, has said that these cuts continue to shift the burden of funding public universities onto students and families and will force tuition increases on CUNY's half-million students, many of whom are from low-to-moderate income households. They'll also discuss the fight over contracts for CUNY faculty and staff, who have been without pay increases for six years.