Creating The Weapons Of Tomorrow, The Uncertainty Of Life With A Work Visa, Fact-Checking Congress On Obamacare

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Former President Barack Obama is shown the DARPA Car as he tours Carnegie Mellon University in June 2011.

The Intercept's Sharon Weinberger joins us to discuss how the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA has shaped war and technology for nearly 60 years. Actor Samrat Chakrabarti, and producer and writer Rishi S. Bhilawadikar join us to discuss their new film, “For Here or To Go?”. It follows a young software engineer in Silicon Valley who must navigate America's complex immigration system after he learns his work visa will soon expire. Actress Marin Ireland joins us to discuss her starring role in the Roundabout Underground show, “On the Exhale.” Ireland plays a liberal college professor whose life is irrevocably changed by gun violence. ProPublica's Charlie Ornstein and WNYC's John O’Connor join us to discuss their efforts tracking Congress members' positions on Obamacare, and how accurate they are when discussing it with their constituents.