Cops Crack Down on Illegal Motorbiking

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Dirtbikes were some of the non-street legal vehicles confiscated by the NYPD on Saturday.

Police arrested three people over the weekend for using illegal motorbikes and reckless riding on city streets.

One of those arrested is a sanitation department worker, 41-year-old Samuel Lopez. He was arrested as he fueled up his ATV at a gas station. Another ATV rider at the same gas station fled on foot leaving his ATV behind. Both vehicles were confiscated.

Police say all 3 were arrested after they were spotted weaving in and out of traffic or riding on sidewalks in Northern Manhattan.

In all, police confiscated 8 dirt bikes and ATVs.

The crackdown comes days after a police officer in Brooklyn was run down by a man on an ATV and dragged 200 feet.

Six months ago, police arrested several motorcyclists shown in a viral video dragging a man out of his SUV and beating him in Washington Heights.

As part of the weekend crackdown, officers were instructed not to engage in pursuits.