Cool Pope Francis

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Pope Francis started making making waves early in his papacy. His humility, focus on the poor and marginalized, and willingness to take softer positions on polarizing positions has endeared him to many.

He has posed for selfies.

Decided to drive his own car.

And told atheists and agnostics to live according to their consciences.


This morning, an interview was published in which Pope Francis said that the Roman Catholic Church has become “obsessed” with issues like abortion, gay marriage and contraception, and that it must "find a new balance," or risk falling "like a house of cards" and "losing the freshness" of the Gospel.

This was also received positively by many on the Internet.


Now it's getting late in the work day, and Twitter is starting to have a bit of fun with how cool the pope may or may not be.








Not everyone is ready to crown him Cool Pope Francis yet.


But if you are on Team Cool Pope, get your Halloween costume now.