Congressman Pushes Income-Based Student Loan Plan

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A plan to pay down student debt with taxes on the wealthy failed this week in the Senate. Rep. Tom Petri, R-Wisc., tells NPR's Rachel Martin about another plan he's been pushing for years.

Source: NPR


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Jim from NYC

I’m sorry, but I’ve heard some ridiculous loan repayment options but this guy is off the wall, 15 percent… are you kidding me. Most people in the larger urban areas are paying 50 percent of their monthly income to rent alone. Does this guy realize that 15 percent means no car to get to work? Just how much money does this jerk think people have. If we can give billions upon billions of dollars to countries that don’t even like us then we can do better with these loans. Here is what you do… you cap all loans at 40 thousand… period no fancy figuring out income this or that… cap it all to 40 grand. If your loans are old and you below 40 grand then fine, you pay what you have left. After doing this you kill the student loan program… which is really just a fancy way to launder money through students to make universities and colleges rich. That includes the tenured clowns who have grad students teach all their classes. The congressman needs to understand that money going into these loan paybacks is money that is NOT being used for goods and services, which means the economy suffers. I know that I did not nuy a lot of things while paying these loans… so don’t pee down my back and tell it’s raining. Nobody deserves being an indentured servant to the government which is exactly what Clinton did to student loan borrowers.

Jun. 15 2014 10:36 AM

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