Congress Battles Over the Affordable Care Act

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If you go by the latest headlines, it seems like the future of the Affordable Care Act is in jeopardy.

In addition to holding confirmation hearings for president-elect Donald Trump's cabinet nominees, the U.S. Senate is also expected to take a major step this week toward repealing the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

Two Senate committees are expected to take action on a budget bill that could repeal parts of the ACA that deal with taxes, spending or deficits — including the requirement to buy insurance, which is considered a tax.

It could also involve the subsidies to buy insurance, and the Medicaid expansion that covered about eleven million adults. More than one million people in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are covered through the Medicaid expansion, and more than 400,000 receive subsides to buy insurance in those three states.

Democrats, meanwhile, are devising their own plans to prevent a repeal of the ACA. For example, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is looking at how the changes might affect women's health and how lawmakers might work to offset them.

In this interview, WNYC's Sean Carlson talks with WNYC Washington Correspondent John O'Connor about the battle over the ACA.