Confronting Hatred: 70 Years After the Holocaust

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"Confronting Hatred: 70 Years After the Holocaust" examines the ways in which the Holocaust continues to inform contemporary discussions about hate speech, propaganda, and human rights. Explore stories from people confronting hatred in their lives, their communities, and sometimes in their own hearts.

This special narrated by Morgan Freeman brings together a broad range of voices to talk about racism, antisemitism, and the ways in which hatred can grow. Hear from a former skinhead, an imam, a prosecutor for the Rwandan genocide trials, and people speaking from many perspectives, including heavy metal singer David Draiman, filmmaker Errol Morris, and Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Elie Wiesel. 


  • Saturday, April 11 at 6am on 93.9FM/NJPR
  • Saturday, April 11 at 2pm on AM 820
  • Saturday, April 11 at 9pm on NJPR
  • Sunday, April 12 at 8pm on AM 820