Company Starts Offering Anti-Google Glass Recognition Services

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Google Glass has been crazily divisive in San Francisco, where businesses are banning its usage and fights have erupted over people who are wearing it. A company called Reputation Management Consultants says it has found an elegant solution - Anti Glass, a service which will stymie people from using the device to look you up online.

Of course, the company that is selling this product hasn't been terribly forthcoming about how it would actually work. Eric Schiffer, the creator of Anti-Glass mostly used buzzy tech jargon in an interview with the Daily Dot.

There’s a lot more to it than Google Image blocking, although Schiffer was coy about the specifics. “We stop the process on two levels: One is that we make sure the facial recognition applications are blocked, and we have several means of doing that that are lawful,” he explained.

“Let’s just say we have a very effective way of dealing with databases, we have a very effective means of dealing with suppression, and it works. The system gets results,” he said. So the exact methodology is mystifying, although the Anti-Glass website notes that the technology is similar to a police radar jammer.

It seems like a nice pie in the sky idea, but for two things. First, it presupposes that Google Glass will be dexterous enough to allow users to stalk people on the fly. When I spoke to technologist Jeff Jarvis about Glass a few weeks ago, he told me they were cumbersome and impractical. This may be a concern for future iterations of wearable technology, but it doesn't seem that way for Glass.

Second, reputation defender services are of dubious quality at best when they are dealing with online data. I remain completely unconvinced that this kind of software will work in the offline world. 

But, I guess so long as there's money to be made, someone's going to give it a try.