Bus Terminal Commuters: "Can we Get a Fan, at Least?"

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A Port Authority Bus Terminal gate

Commuters lift up the bottom of their shirts of it to wipe the sweat off their nose and necks, as they line up and wait for their bus at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

They pull out any papers they might have in their bags to fan themselves.

“I’m melting,” said Christina LaFontant. “It’s really hot.”

“It’s just barely comfortable,” said Michael Savino. “Just barely.”

“There’s supposed to be air conditioning,” said Jack Riggio. “You don’t feel it.”

Some of the bus waiting areas do have air conditioning. Commuter Karen Bode said it could be a little cooler though.

“It’s a small area hey can definitely make it a lot colder.”

Many of the waiting areas don’t have any functioning AC. And commuters say they don’t expect that.

“But a fan, something,” said LaFontant “This is a waiting area and you want to feel comfortable.”

She says long wait times don’t help either.

A spokesperson for the Port Authority, Chris Valens, said they’ve been hearing these complaints.

For the past two weeks he says the Port Authority has brought in extra maintenance staff for the afternoon rush – to make sure temperature sensors are working correctly.

But Valens said it’s an old building. Everything doesn’t run how it should.

At least commuters are just passing through, though.

The people who work on the subway platforms selling flowers or running a snack stand, like Bernys Rosario, say there’s no escaping the mugginess.

“We just buy water, put it in the fridge, let it stay overnight so we can let them stay there real cool,” he said. “Actually there’s nothing. Nothing we can do.”