Sanitation Commissioner Doherty's Big Cleanup

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The Department of Sanitation has 235 tons of salt to spread on the streets of the city when its snows during the winter.

On the Brian Lehrer Show, NYC Department of Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty discussed this winter's abundant snow and ice, and his department's work to keep the streets clear and the garbage from piling up. Doherty acknowledged that the priority has shifted from snow removal to trash pickup, and cited Brooklyn and Eastern Queens as particular areas of focus, with crews being shifted from other parts of the city to get waste removal back on schedule by the end of the week. As for Alternate Side Parking, Doherty said that the decision to suspend ASP for much of the week meant that workers who would normally be issuing tickets could be used for cleanup. That said, he had a clear message to those who are parked in Monday and Tuesday spots: "They better start thinking about how they are going to dig out their cars."