Coffee and E-Cigarettes

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No heavy subject matter this week. Instead, we're diving into two subcultures that have been transformed by tech: Coffee and cigarettes. If you've never heard of a burr grinder or cartomizer, this podcast is for you. 

What's disruptive in the world of coffee? For one thing, there's a boatload of new ways to make a cup of joe. 

"The techniques are relatively new," says food writer Oliver Strand. "They're counter-intuitive. They're coming from unexpected places."

Plus, WNYC's Ilya Marritz investigates the largely unregulated $2 billion e-cigarette industry. He introduces e-cig terminology: Vaping anyone? And explains where e-cigarettes fall on the good-for-you-or-bad-for-you spectrum.  

Music Playlist

  1. City Riding: Morning Coffee

    Artist: Bottlesmoker
  2. Cigarettes and Coffee

    Artist: Otis Redding