Coastal Erosion Washing Away Beachfront Community In Washington State

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This will probably be the next in a long series of homes to fall into the sea at Washaway Beach, Washington. (Tom Banse/Northwest News Network)

Waterfront property owners on opposite sides of the country are grappling this week with how to respond to dramatic coastal erosion.

In northeast Florida, cities, businesses and the state continue to plan how to rebuild beachfront infrastructure lost to Hurricane Matthew.

Meanwhile, along the coast of Washington State, erosion threatens not just homes and a vital highway, but a multi-million dollar cranberry industry. The Pacific Northwest dodged a bullet this weekend when remnants of a typhoon passed further offshore than first predicted.

Still, the erosion in one beachfront community is so rapid, to retreat or fight is in question.

Tom Banse with Here & Now contributor Northwest News Network reports from aptly named Washaway Beach.


Tom Banse, regional correspondent for Northwest News Network. He tweets @TomBanse.

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