Electronic Pop & Chamber Music Composer/Producer Anna Meredith Is Full of Surprises

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Anna Meredith

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British singer, producer, and composer Anna Meredith is a musical chameleon, fusing contemporary chamber with electronics and dance music on her recent “Varmints.” Actually, classical, rock, electronica, and minimalism are all part of Anna Meredith’s sonic palette, and in addition to a stint as composer in residence with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, she is also a singer/songwriter who leads her own unusually constructed band - wielding keys, laptop, bells, & clarinet alongside a band of musicians playing tuba, cello, drums and guitar. That band has just come from the SXSW Festival in Austin, (where NPR's @AllSongs Twitter feed called them "The best artist I've seen at and one of the most creative bands I've seen in years.") They’ll play for us today in the studio.