Cloud Seeding

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Writer Ginger Strand explains cloud-seeding, the process of spraying silver iodide into clouds to make it rain. Her article “Silver-Lining Playbook” appears in the Fall 2013 edition of On Earth magazine. She's joined by Jeff Tilley, Desert Research Institute’s director of weather modification.


Ginger Strand and Jeff Tilley

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Miscellaneous from NYC

I hate to point this out, but cloud seeding has been going on for decades. I think we learned about it in 5th grade weather, and I'm an old lady.

It bothers me no end the number of things people don't know. I got a good, thorough, public school education, learned about cloud-seeding in the fifth grade, and now we have to have a whole segment on a radio show to hear about it because people don't pay attention in school. We pay school taxes why?

Oct. 03 2013 01:16 PM

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