Clock Your Sleep: Findings and Teams

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

John Keefe, senior editor of the WNYC data news team, discusses findings from our month long community data experiment, Clock Your Sleep. Then Manoush Zomorodi, host of New Tech City and captain of sleep team Digital Detox, PJ Vogt, associate producer of On the Media, co-creator of TLDR, and co-captain of Vice Squad, and John Hockenberry, host of The Takeaway and captain of team Rock Your Routine, discuss the sleep team phase of the project and make their pitch as to why you should join their team. The deadline to join is noon May 12. Go here to join a team.

One of the findings that John Keefe discusses is that the people who said they often remember their dreams, sleep more. Speaking of dreaming, scientists still don't really know why we dream, but these New York City kids think they have it all figured out. Take a look.


John Hockenberry, John Keefe, PJ Vogt and Manoush Zomorodi

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Rusty Wilson from Greenwich Village, NYC

I've been a night owl all my life, even as a kid. I used to hate to have to eat some breakfast to please my mother as it would cause me to have to fight off sleep in school during the morning. As an adult I avoid anything more than a cup of coffee when I get up. Food has always tended to make me sleepy. But then I've always lived a sedentary life as a person of the mind and have been on a lifelong calorie restricted diet of one meal a day for decades, supplemented with vitamins.

During my working years it was not uncommon for me to get only 4-5 hrs. sleep at night and a good night's sleep was, and still is, 6 hrs. I sleep more only when I'm ill and since retirement in 1995 I can sleep whenever I want to. In general I tend to sleep most mornings away and get up around noon after having gone to bed around about 6 am. But that varies from day to day and I really have no set in stone sleeping pattern. But I am 74 and retired so it"s been Saturday for almost 19 years now.

May. 10 2014 03:43 PM
Margaret from Morningside Heights

I haven't participated with the project although I might have - I'm mildly narcoleptic, and sleep odd hours; but will nose in with an interesting note. Re. more of (REM sleep, and?) remembered dreams happening towards the end of the time cycle: I have premonitions, or sometimes comments on a current situation, through various mediums; one of which is an odd sleep channel. The kind where sometimes you have to take a moment to distinguish sleep from wake for sure, right after. If waking through levels is 'scanning the radio dial', this channel happens either just before waking, or when dozing off at a time when not intending full sleep, so that it's not deep; towards the 'end of the dial'. I saw the young woman who was murdered by a LES bar bouncer this way. Maybe when the species has advanced to the point of sleeping and astral traveling intentionally, we'll be able to resolve some types of negative circumstances...maybe from ahead of time, so we can help prevent, instead of only after-the-fact comments.

May. 07 2014 04:02 PM

I used the ear plug method and developed a huge case of vertigo. (The same is true if you go to sleep with an ear plug music player.) I could not figure out what was happening every time I hit the floor. Finally figured it out - eliminate the ear plugs and the vertigo went away.


May. 07 2014 11:28 AM
Eli5 from Brooklyn

Sorry those 2 teens sounded…. ummmm, unbelievable.
How long is their commute I wonder.
How long is their schoolday?
What kind of classes are they taking? work-load I mean?
I wish you asked those questions…
My HS Jr has an 8-hr day at his specialized school, plus after school rehearsals 3-4 times a week, 4 AP classes= a heavy work load. and an hr& 15 minute commute, 3 trains,plus a penchant for unwinding with late night videos/movies -sigh. If he gets 6-hrs I'm happier

May. 07 2014 11:22 AM
Guy from NYC

uh isn't having a facebook page for people who are trying to digital detox so they can sleep better like having a keg party for recovering alcoholics?

May. 07 2014 11:20 AM
Claire from White Plains, NY

Did anyone consider that Android users were omitted from this "study?" We all know that this was a non-scientific study, however, to omit HALF the population may have effected the results.

May. 07 2014 11:10 AM

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