Clock Your Sleep: Findings and Teams

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John Keefe, senior editor of the WNYC data news team, discusses findings from our month long community data experiment, Clock Your Sleep. Then Manoush Zomorodi, host of New Tech City and captain of sleep team Digital Detox, PJ Vogt, associate producer of On the Media, co-creator of TLDR, and co-captain of Vice Squad, and John Hockenberry, host of The Takeaway and captain of team Rock Your Routine, discuss the sleep team phase of the project and make their pitch as to why you should join their team. The deadline to join is noon May 12. Go here to join a team.

One of the findings that John Keefe discusses is that the people who said they often remember their dreams, sleep more. Speaking of dreaming, scientists still don't really know why we dream, but these New York City kids think they have it all figured out. Take a look.