Rubio And Clinton Start Out On The Same Economic Note

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Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Marco Rubio both kicked off their campaigns with calls to end inequality.

There's no doubt the two presidential hopefuls who entered the race this week are on opposite ends of the political spectrum. That's why it was so strange to hear Democrat Hilary Clinton and Republican Marco Rubio kick off their campaigns with uncannily similar economic messages: they say they want to fight for the working class.

This week, Clinton billed herself as the candidate for the "everyday American," criticizing CEOs' swollen salaries. Meanwhile, Rubio told NPR he wants the Republican party — which, he said, is portrayed unfairly as "a party that doesn't care about people who are trying to make it" — to transform into "the champion of the working class." 

Guest host Cardiff Garcia from the Financial Times probes whether the common messages we've heard actually match the candidates' records and asks how the two parties might tackle inequality differently. And guests Rana Foroohar from Time magazine and Joe Weisenthal from Bloomberg discuss ways to combat inequality with a messy tool not many politicians have been able to touch: the tax code.