The Clinton Dynasty Edition

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On this edition of Gabfest Radio, panelists explore the "Hillary Papers," AOL CEO Tim Armstrong's big mistake, the cultural response to the new Lego Movie, and an update on how Russia's global reputation is faring in light of the Sochi Olympics.

The "Hillary Papers" have been described as a treasure trove of important political and personal correspondence between Hillary Clinton and one of her closest friends, Diane Blair. Many of the topics at hand defined her time in Washington, from personal opinions on the Lewinsky scandal to the controversial healthcare debate.

AOL CEO Time Armstrong is dealing with the fall-out of a healthcare debate he sparked with his employees. Recently, he announced that the company would delay contributions to exployees' retirement accounts due to the rising costs of healthcare. Instead of stopping there, Armstrong gave examples of these rising costs -- the $1 million the company forked over to save two employees' babies during childbirth. The journalists at AOL had a field day as a result.

The Lego Movie gets some analysis in the second half of the program. While widely considered a major advertisement and image reboot for the company, reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.

And lastly, Russian journalist and gay rights activist Masha Gessen stops by to talk about the Sochi Olympics and how Russia's global reputation has changed before and after the start of the games.

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