Classical-Adjacent Music

Julianna Barwick

Hear songs and instrumental pieces that are informed by classical music, yet ones which expertly ride the divide between classical and post-rock, or perhaps classical and electronica, on this New Sounds show. There’s music from vocalist and composer Julianna Barwick, who does a lot of looping of her own sound.  Listen to “Forever,” from her latest record, “Nepenthe,” recorded with Sigur Rós collaborator Alex Somers in Iceland. Barwick continues to play with layers of reverb, and even adds members of múm and the string quartet Amiina - in all, making luminous and dramatic music that is easy to get lost in. 

Then, hear brand-new music by the Russian pianist Anton Batagov from a piano cycle written after a pilgrimage to the grave of Sergei Rachmaninoff.  (The site is in Kensico Cemetery in the hamlet of Valhalla, half an hour’s ride from New York City.) Batagov’s music is a series of purported musical communiqués from the early 20th century composer to contemporary musical figures like Philip Glass, or Arvo Part, even Peter Gabriel. There’s also new music from cellist Julia Kent with loops and delays from the recent record, “Character.”  Plus, listen to songs from the Icelandic singer Olafur Arnalds, from an enigmatic record, “Now I Am Winter,” and more.


PROGRAM #3512– Classical-Adjacent Music (First aired on 9/20/2013)             





Cinematic Orchestra

Ma Fleur

That Home [1:55]


Olafur Arnalds

For Now I Am Winter

A Stutter [5:09]

Mercury Classics 4810150

Julianna Barwick


Forever [5:30]

Dead Oceans DOC 069

Julia Kent


Only Child

Leaf Music BAY 80

Olafur Arnalds

For Now I Am Winter

Only the Winds [5:21]

See above.

Antony & the Johnsons


Swanlights [6:08]

Secretly Canadian SC215

Julia Kent


Kingdom [4:54]

See above.

Anton Batagov

Selected Letters of Sergei Rachmaninoff

Letter from Sergei Rachmaninoff to Ludovico Einaudi [5:58]

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Cinematic Orchestra

In Motion # 1

Manhatta [11:14]

Ninjatune  Zen 183