Civility in a Hyperpartisan Era

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Poet Ocean Vuong's message to the incoming president is seemingly apolitical, but speaks to the heart of how our society could better understand one another.

Andrew Reiner, who teaches in the Honors College and English department at Towson University and leads a seminar called "Mister Rogers 101: Why Civility and Community Still Matter,” discusses why civility and community are vital in the current political climate.

The challenge in civility (if you choose to accept it) is to have a conversation with someone you disagree with.

The rules are as follows: no interrupting, no raising of the voice, no eye-rolling, no smirking, and no waiting for the person to finish so you can jump to disagree. When you finish, ask questions on what led this person to come to their theory or conclusion. 

We'll check back in with you later on to see how you did.