NYC Speed Cameras Issue 900 Tickets in Two Weeks

Friday, January 31, 2014 - 12:55 PM

New York City's speed limit (b*cakes/flickr)

Speed cameras near New York City schools have issued 900 tickets in the last fifteen days, according to the city’s Department of Transportation. And that’s from just six cameras.

“Just two weeks in, DOT’s speed camera program is putting motorists on notice that we will not tolerate dangerous driving on New York City streets,” said NYC DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg. “Speed cameras will help save lives and make our streets safer for pedestrians, especially children and seniors. And the de Blasio Administration is intent on expanding their use at critical intersections throughout the five boroughs.”

The cameras began operating in August, but until recently issued warnings rather than tickets. Mayor de Blasio announced the new ticketing regime in mid-January, following a spate of pedestrian deaths. Motorists are ticketed only when going more than 10 miles over the posted speed limit, which is 25 miles an hour in a school zone, 30 elsewhere in the city. Each ticket is $50, and carries no points on the license.

The city is authorized to install up to 20 cameras around the city, under the law passed in June, but most are not yet operational. Speaking this morning on Hot 97, de Blasio said that’s not enough.

“Here’s the bottom line. We need the legislature in Albany to give New York City the right to put in as many as we need. It’s really become a fundamental problem in our city, and I think, as with many things, Albany should not stand in the way of us doing what we have to do to protect our own people,” de Blasio said.

Fifty-nine of last year’s 253 fatal crashes involved speeding, according to the state Department of Motor Vehicles (pdf).



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ken from NY

This is utterly non-sense. Do you really thing that will save lives. I think Di Blasio wants your money + usuall administrative fees for the Golf Buddy. It like Triboro Bridge and Port Authority who like to collect tolls not for the city, but for their buddies.

Mar. 18 2014 11:51 PM
New York Resident from NYC

Ticketing at 40 MPH in a school zone is far too generous. Speed limits on streets surrounding schools should be limited to 15 MPH, and ticket at 20 MPH. The Citywide speed limit should be no greater than 25 MPH with exceptions on limited access roadways and certain streets.

This program should be greatly expanded, these cameras should exist everywhere. Same goes for red light and crosswalk yielding cameras.

Don't want a ticket? Don't break the law.

Feb. 03 2014 04:47 PM
Rob from NY

And this is from only six cameras??? And tickets are only given when drivers exceed 10mph over the speed limit?

This is a wake-up call to everyone about the huge dangers recklessly speeding drivers are to human life.

Feb. 03 2014 11:09 AM
Ace from New Utrecht

I think the conditions are such that violations are only recorded during "school hours".

Why in the world can't we simply have speed/red light (and failure to yield in crosswalks) cameras everywhere? As the man in the Chrysler commercial once said:

"to live outside the law you must be honest"

Feb. 03 2014 09:55 AM


Feb. 02 2014 09:52 AM

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