Citi Bike: 5 Million Rides, 10 Million Miles in First Five Months

Friday, November 08, 2013 - 10:29 AM

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Okay, we'll bite. It's certainly PR, but also kind of an irresistible factoid: Since its Memorial Day launch, Citi Bike riders have ridden 10 million miles in 5 million rides.  To be sure, there's a ton of stuff the city isn't telling us -- like Citi Bike crash data, re-balancing problems, dock malfunctions, the number of customer service complaints, and a financial summary.  But the numbers they did hand out do capture the imagination.

Among them:

*432,000 access passes sold, including

*94,000 annual members

*5,172,616 trips as of 11/8 at 9 am -- that's more than the population of Brooklyn and Queens combined. more than the population of 28 states

*44,000 trips in the peak travel day (35,000 average daily ridership)

*403 million calories burned (estimated)

Now, it's interesting that these data were released just a day after we reported that Chicago said it would be expanding its own bike share to a size bigger than New York's (NYC disputes that), just after a new mayor was elected -- and as Michael Bloomberg scrambles to solidify his legacy. But, kind of like soon-to-be banned trans fats, it's almost impossible not to indulge in a statistic binge. So, sorry folks-- but aren't you glad we did!

Read the city's press release here.


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cheryl from Queens

Like the last commenter, I am concerned over safety issues: bikers going the wrong way on one-way streets and going through red lights. If cars get ticketed for these violations, why not bikes? We need a way to register and license bikes and riders.

Nov. 12 2013 12:14 PM
Gary from NYC

I sent this email (11/4) to Citibike but have not received a response. Has anyone else wondered about this?

To Citibike: I was wondering what the plans are for the winter conditions on the bike racks. Snow often gets plowed to the sides of streets and on to the sidewalks and then freeze solid for days if not weeks. Are there any plans to deal with this. And to protect the bikes in general from harsh winter conditions. I've already ridden a few bikes that had splits in the seats. This is just from wear and tear. Freezing, rain, or snow will make this much worse.

Nov. 12 2013 10:24 AM
Diane Cohen from New York City

I'd like to see the statistics on how many bikers have been ticketed for riding on the sidewalks, riding the wrong way in the bike lanes, riding on the sidewalk next to the bike lane, etc. The lack of respect for the basic rules and total lack of enforcement is staggering. And please note- I have a Citibike key and use the bikes regularly!

Nov. 12 2013 09:02 AM

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