What we Know About Christie's Biggest Super PAC Donors

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Fred Wilpon, majority owner of the New York Mets, is one of Christie's wealthiest backers.
From New Jersey Public Radio

This week, we learned about the $11 million raised by America Leads, the super PAC supporting Christie.

We also found out who's been forking over all that cash.

New Jersey Public Radio's Matt Katz joins Host David Furst for a look at several donors with close business ties to the state.

New Jersey has pay-to-play restrictions that are designed to prevent businesses from currying favors with the governor. But here’s the catch: they don’t apply to federal elections.

Matt Katz says, "You have the state of New Jersey, which is essentially a $30 billion annual business and you have companies that rely on a piece of that money for their very existence. They want to give money in order to get into the rooms with these political power players and they're not allowed to do that if it’s a state-wide race. But here’s a way that they can do that."

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