Christie's 'Disgusting, Sexist' Bridgegate Report

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The internal review into Bridgegate by Gov. Chris Christie's lawyers is being criticized as sexist for focusing on a romantic relationship of Christie former aide, Bridget Anne Kelly.

Kelly sent the infamous email: “time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.”

The governor's legal team called her "emotional" and asserted she used bad judgment because she was upset about a break-up with Christie’s former campaign manager, Bill Stepien.

State Senator Loretta Weinberg said she doesn't understand what the taxpayers of New Jersey — who paid $1 million for the investigation — got out of learning those details.

“That is the most disgusting, sexist, anti-female portion of this report,” Weinberg said. “It was apropos of nothing except to try to paint her as an unhinged woman.”

Kelly’s lawyer, Michael Critchley, issued a statement Friday saying, “The report’s venomous, gratuitous, and inappropriate sexist remarks concerning Ms. Kelly have no place in what is alleged to be a professional and independent report.”

He said the only credible investigation into the lane closings is being conducted by the US Attorney’s Office.

“A preemptive strike to isolate Ms. Kelly and impugn her credibility is not surprising,” he wrote.

During a press conference Friday, Governor Christie did not answer a question about why Kelly's personal life was relevant.

One woman who said she could relate? Lis Smith, a former spokeswoman for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio who was shamed in the media after dating Eliot Spitzer.

“I do know how tough it is and I'm sorry to see another woman go through this,” Smith said. “And I think it’s grossly unfair that Gov. Christie’s lawyers have tried to make her a villain by using the crudest and most sexist stereotypes possible.”