Christie: 'Our World War Is Happening Right Now'

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Gov. Chris Christie speaks at a Town Hall in Loudon, New Hampshire. He recently received the endorsement of the Manchester Union Leader, New Hampshires largest newspaper.
From New Jersey Public Radio

For months, pundits have been saying that Governor Christie’s presidential aspirations were dead in the water. But lately, whispers about a potential Christie comeback have increased in volume. The argument goes like this: after the terrorist attacks in Paris, everything changed. And Christie, who has long positioned himself as the law-and-order national-security guy, is the candidate primary voters will run to in a time of uncertainty and fear.

It still hasn’t really shown up in any polls. But this week, the Gov picked up a key endorsement from New Hampshire’s biggest paper. A nod from the Union Leader has traditionally meant an 11-percentage-point bump in the polls. And in a sure sign of renewed status, Donald Trump has started attacking him via Twitter.

NJPR’s Matt Katz and Tom Moran, editorial page editor for the Star-Ledger, join us from the Granite State. They discuss with host David Furst how Christie’s town hall events have changed over the last month.

We’ll also discuss two brewing feuds. One, naturally, with Trump. The other with New Jersey State Policemen's Benevolent Association President, Pat Colligan. The name calling has become, well, piggish.

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