Christie Relations With Press Get Frosty

Monday, February 24, 2014


Maybe it means the scandal-plagued gov is shaking off the pressure and is back to his old self. Maybe it means he's cracking under the pressure. Either way, Christie has had a number of encounters over the last week in which he's snapped at reporters. Here's a rundown:

  • On Tuesday, the Bergen Record's statehouse reporter Michael Linhorst caught up with the governor on his way into a National Republican Senatorial Committee fundraiser in Manhattan:

Asked by a reporter to describe the message he planned to deliver to the group, the governor shot over his shoulder, "Seriously? Are you kidding me?" as he hurried into the club.

  • After Christie's town hall meeting on Thursday, as the governor ducked out of the back of a VFW hall, Washington Post national political reporter Robert Costa awaited him and asked him why none of the constituents at the town hall meeting asked about bridgegate: 

Christie glared at me, shook head, and said "people care about REAL problems," then left building.

“What don’t you get about me not talking to you?” an unsmiling Christie told a POLITICO reporter while he and aides waited for a walk signal on a street corner in downtown Washington on Saturday, after slipping out of the NGA gathering.

  • On his way out of a Republican Governors Association reception at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce headquarters on Friday, The Record's Washington correspondent, Herb Jackson, asked for a chat:

Asked if he would comment on event, replied 'Heck no,' got in SUV 

    • The Star-Ledger's Christie reporter, Jenna Portnoy, asked the governor on Saturday if he was going to fire David Samson, the chairman of the Port Authority who has been accused of no less than a half-dozen questionable official actions since bridgegate broke last month. Samson is also a Christie mentor, fundraiser and adviser. After she posed the question, Christie just looked at Portnoy -- and ignored her. 


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    Janet Moyers-Bowmer from NJ

    I hope the press doesn't ignore Christie- he shut down an entire NJ Network hoping that they would. Thank God for WNYC and Matt Katz and Andrea Bernstein for not dropping the ball and ferreting out the real Christie.

    There are 3 things I’d like to see investigated and publicized a bit more:
    1) The NJ deal with WNET shortly after Christie took office. Like most of his current ‘problems’, there are many layers to this onion. It retaliated against Zachary Fink uncovering 2 unflattering stories about Christie throwing his weight around, first, in response to a traffic violation and second, in failing to report a loan he made to a staffer. (He has since, consistently under-estimated the interest he failed to include on his taxes; the numbers he gives simply don’t work for amount/life of loan/interest rate.) That is the petty-spite layer. The next layer of the NJN story is that it benefited Steve Adubato, son of a major player, in many ways. The third layer, and what I consider the most sinister, is that it silenced the only way that average Jerseyans knew what was really going on in this big, diverse state. You learned more about how State government works in one evening of NJ Nightly News than you get in a year of watching NJTV, it’s New York based replacement. The first thing a dictator does is silence the press (and I only say that half joking).
    2) The connection between Todd Christie, who conducted more than 1,600 improper trades, who profited to the tune of $1,590,000.00 from these trades and prosecutor David Kelly, recipient of a multi-million dollar, no bid federal monitoring contract from Chris Christie a short time after he didn’t indict Todd Christie.
    And 3) PANY/NJ Police Officer Chip Michael’s, brother of New Jersey Republican power broker Jeffrey Michaels, whose lobbying firm has boomed under the Christie administration.
    These are just 3 stories with the common outer layer of pettiness, nepotism and cronyism but the underlying layers of greed, corruption and power politics must be exposed. I am so glad there are still people out there willing to step up to the task. Thanks again for magnificent coverage.

    Feb. 24 2014 05:53 PM
    BrooklynMom from Brooklyn

    I wonder if maybe it is time for the press to IGNORE Chris Christie and help make him the insignificant ogre that he is... Reporters seem to have had that respectable goal and it seems that your point has been pretty much proven - he's a bully and clearly not fit to run a clean campaign for governor; let alone President? Stop paying the troll under the bridge by granting him free press - good, bad or ugly. You can help him vaporize from the political landscape - Ignore him!

    Feb. 24 2014 09:19 AM

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