A Christie Question: Bad Behavior vs. Bad Environment

Friday, January 10, 2014 - 03:02 PM

Gov. Chris Christie (Ronald Martinez/Getty)

Chris Christie says he's not sure how he could have created an environment in which his staff would have ordered a traffic jam as political retribution. "What did I do wrong to make these folks think it was okay to lie to me?" he asked in his Thursday press conference. Below, we ask you to weigh in on culpability -- do you make a distinction between ordering bad behavior, and creating an environment that allows that bad behavior to thrive?


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Orin from Queens

The lead of this story reads 'Chris Christie says he's not sure how he could have created an environment in which his staff would have ordered a traffic jam as political retribution. "What did I do wrong to make these folks think it was okay to lie to me?" he asked in his Thursday press conference."'

The first sentence isn't implied by the second. He didn't answer the first question when it was given him, instead he responded with the quote. He may well know what environment he created to cause this behavior, whether or not he knew about the behavior itself, and that's not the question he wanted to answer, so he deflected it with the answer about the alleged lies to himself. I didn't hear that being pointed out in the media, instead you all, Brian included, let him get away with the misdirection. There should be more discussion about how a gang like that can evolve under his leadership and political style, and how giving the boss 'deniability' would naturally be part of that gangster culture. According to Wikipedia, the term itself, 'Plausible deniability,' was invented by the CIA to protect their bosses in the '60s, but you can certainly see it in action sometimes in the Hollywood version of the Mafia -- it's the boss's alibi.

Jan. 15 2014 10:44 PM
Concerned citizen from NYC

Why is the media excoriating Christie’s alleged bad behavior while mentioning nothing about the admittedly dishonest Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito being applauded and elected unanimously by the City Council as speaker? Consequently New York will have a deceitful speaker with the power to determine which bills are voted upon. She will also control the council’s negotiations over the city’s $72 billion budget and oversee land-use decisions in the five boroughs. As councilwoman since 2006 there should be a forensic accounting of her activities because, as a graduate of Columbia College at Columbia University in New York City where she earned her B.A. in Political Science in 1991, she has no excuse for lying about her rental income!

Jan. 14 2014 01:02 PM
NYCSandi from NYC

As stated by Chris Christie, the entire problem is that staff would DARE to lie to him (and tarnish his image). To me the issue is what gives public servants, paid by taxpayer dollars, the idea that playing with citizn's daily lives is okay? The governer never addressed this issue...

Jan. 13 2014 11:53 AM
Juan from White Plains

Is it possible the all these people knew about the traffic jam and the governor didn't?
These is a tight group of people.

Jan. 13 2014 10:21 AM

Sociopathic is as sociopathic does.

Jan. 13 2014 08:44 AM

My pique over Chuck Todd's Meet the Press crack about Bridgegate ("the culture of New Jersey politics. It's what everybody does in Jersey.") is growing beyond what I can express in 140 characters on Twitter.

I haven't followed the release of the emails that revealed Ms. Kelly's 'smoking gun' to know how the Bergen Record got that info but THANK GOD THEY DID! [Full disclosure: I was a paperboy for The Record 40+ years ago when it was an afternoon paper. Earned enough that I actually had to file a 1040 at 13 years old.)

Rather than sell the lame 'Everyone does it' and its inference - "Move along. There's no story here." Mr. Todd should be asking himself, "How did we miss a story which would have had such a deep impact on an election?".

Yes, Chuck, you missed it. You underserved the electorate, and though the final outcome might not have been affected, Christie's landslide would certainly have been less headline grabbing. Oh...Now I see why.

Up until the email release, the 'mainstream media' [you among them] had been willing to accept Mr. Christie's dancing bear performance of "I was the guy in overalls putting up the cones", the Democrats have nothing and nothing better to do, and generally disregarded the story.

Here's a real story to follow up on...How was the hanky-panky of Bridgegate enabled by Christie's sell-off of NJN? [WNYC owns a piece of the broken up company, no? Where's Hennelly nowadays?].

Jan. 12 2014 02:05 PM
Gary Aigen from Brooklyn

This post on the Daily Kos answers the main question posed on the show today: what laws were broken and what penalties are possible.

A very good read on this subject.

Jan. 10 2014 03:30 PM

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