Christie the Big Kid at the Table

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Gov. Chris Christie appeared in the first of two GOP presidential debates on November 10.
From New Jersey Public Radio

It’s been a bumpy month on the Christie Campaign Express.

At first, things were looking up. There was a good response to his 3rd debate performance, a bump in the polls in New Hampshire, and then a video of him talking compassionately about drug addiction went viral. It seemed like the moment his campaign had been waiting for.

Then, the sudden jolt: when he was booted off the main stage for the 4th debate due to low national poll numbers.

New Jersey Public Radio's Matt Katz discusses whether Christie made lemonade out of lemons with host David Furst.

Also this week: weighing Christie's words in that viral video against his actions when it comes to supporting drug treatment programs. Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Amy Rosenberg looks at Christie's record and the threatened closure of the only treatment center in south Jersey.

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