Christie Makes Court Nominations That Raise Eyebrows

Friday, January 03, 2014

Giving up on another Supreme Court nomination, the Republican governor has now failed to get three of his nominees through the Democratic state senate.

Christie has notified Democrats that he's making several nominations for county Superior Court judgeships -- including two that immediately raised eyebrows in political circles.

Amid a growing controversy over alleged political shenanigans at the Port Authority, which operates the George Washington Bridge, Christie is nominating a man for a judgeship who runs another embattled bridge agency in Southern New Jersey. That agency, the Delaware River Port Authority, is under federal investigation for alleged corruption. Its chief executive, John Matheussen, is Christie's pick for a Superior Court position.

Also up for a county judgeship is Robert Hanna, a signal that Christie is accepting defeat in getting Hanna onto the Supreme Court. Democrats had refused to hold a Supreme Court confirmation hearing on Hanna. They've already rejected two of Christie's other high court picks, leaving the governor with the worst record in state history for getting nominees onto the Supreme Court.

Other Superior Court nominees include Tim Lydon, an aide to the Democratic senate president, Stephen Sweeney, and John Hoffman, the state's acting attorney general. 


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This same type of Bridgegatesque crime, corruption, cover-up & retaliation is standard operating procedure at the Port Authority Bus Terminal's Lost & Found Dept. in NYC concerning lost & found property brazenly stolen by Port Authority Supervisors. Google  “Donna Lebourne abc news" & see the vile face of shame being confronted & exposed for the world to see.

Port Authority Supervisor Donna Lebourne also has an outside job, she is the Vice President of her & her husband’s charity Caribbean Sports International that donates cellphones & other electronics.  If you lost an item at the Port Authority Bus Terminal and did not get it back, contact her charity, perhaps she may donate your item back to you out of the kindness of her cold evil heart. It's very easy to be charitable when you are giving away someone else’s property.

Also, the Port Authority of NY & NJ has become a threat to national security and has placed everyone's safety & security in jeopardy, by employing an illegal policy of disposing lost valid passports in the garbage that are found in the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Now just imagine the damage that a terrorist cell could do with those valid lost passports or an identity theft ring. Google "Port Authority - Passports."

If the Port Authority will not prosecute and punish their own supervisors for theft, especially when they are caught redhanded, how much confidence do you have in their ability to actually put a stop to their illegal passport policy or any other crimes they uncover? Google “found, stolen, trashed by PA.”

The culture of fear is alive and well at the Port, because crime, corruption, cover-ups & retaliation is the Port Authority way. Believe me, I know firsthand and I have the evidence to prove it. General Manager of the George Washington Bridge Robert Durando’s testimony at the New Jersey State Assembly Transportation Committee on 12/9/13 exposes the culture of fear that exists at the Port Authority, he is fully aware of what happens to whistleblowers at the Port. Sadly, Durando and his boss Cedrick Fulton decided to put tens of thousands of lives in jeopardy just to save their own jobs. They are cowards.

Intentionally gridlocking traffic on 9/11 for the sake of a "traffic study," a day that terrorist use to cause mayhem is absolute insanity.

It’s time to stop the madness!

Jan. 07 2014 03:36 PM

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